2017 Gift Guide - Driftless


2017 gift guide - driftless

18 DECEMBER 2017

It’s that time of year again. Sparkling lights illuminating frosty streets, chimneys puffing smoke, cookies baking in the oven and shopping lists extending far beyond a day’s worth of time. With the pressure of gift giving monopolizing spare time, Manifesto offers a different kind of gift to our friends, family and creative connections alike. A holiday gift guide filled with our team’s most valued and idolized branded products to help ease holiday purchasing.

This year, our third annual Guide to Intentional Gifting focused on one theme: Courageous Humans, Courageous Products and Brands. We wanted to feature brands and products that embody the same adventurous spirit we work hard to represent, whether that be a brand’s founding purpose, an experience provided by a product, or even the ingredients used to create a product. After rounds of deliberation and endearing research, we selected twelve products, from Pendleton blankets that honor National Parks to a Foreign Fields vinyl package articulating the struggle of depression and anxiety, each symbolizing their own definition of courage.

We did our best to distribute print copies of our guide across the country, but if you don’t happen to come across one, we encourage you to utilize and share our digital edition to spread the holiday cheer with intentional, authentic gift giving.