08 December 2015

To close out the first round of our 'Here's to the Bold', Manifesto went to Boulder, CO and met with Mount Mary University alumna Denise Dollar. Denise is the founder of Heart Strides, a non-profit organization inspired by her son's diagnoses on the autism spectrum and with type 1 diabetes. Heart Strides donates running shoes, attire and gear to mothers who, like Denise, are caring for children with special needs or critical illnesses.

She is the perfect person to be running such an organization. After exchanging countless emails planning our up and coming photo/video shoot, Manifesto and the team from our video production partner, Skies Fall, arrived at Denise's house. “True to her giving spirit Denise Dollar made us all feel right at home in Boulder and welcomed us kindly into her household. We were greeted with warm hugs and a vast array of snacks and goodies - all local to the Boulder area.” -Megan Ashbrenner, Manifesto Account Coordinator

"Mount Mary really helped me understand the notion that I must trust the path that lies ahead," Denise said. "It taught me to believe in the gifts I have. And it taught me that helping just one individual is every bit as impactful as helping 100.” -Denise Dollar

Mount Mary has been promoting their Here’s to The Bold campaign for about two months now and have seen tremendous success in sharing the stories, locally and nationwide. As seen quoted in Mount Mary’s recent news our Chief Storyteller here at Manifesto, Tim Dyer, was able to shed a little insight on our reasoning and strategy behind this campaign.

"Part of our strategic process is honing in on the singular point of differentiation that defines an organization's purpose, what we uncovered at the center of Mount Mary was a culture-defying belief that measures success not only in salary, but significance.”

Click below to read the full story on Mount Mary's microsite.