Dave Attends MBM

This September I was honored to attended the 11th edition of Meeting of the Big Minds, better known as MBM — a brilliant combination of networking, friendship building, and life-changing experiences.

As a labor of love for Dan Lack and Mitali Chakraborty, Co-Founders and curators of MBM, the event series features family style meals, campfire chats, guest spotlights, planned one on one time, and well-executed excursions like a class 4 whitewater rafting trip on the Ocoee river.

Every night, guests gather around the mead hall-worthy dinner table to share their stories and their biggest challenges. Need to raise 1M for your startup? No problem. Someone around the table can intro you to a slew of investors. Been tying to get a meeting with that big brand in NYC? — well, chances are someone at the table has the connections to set it up.

The magic of MBM and any successful connection experience is creating an environment where attendees check their egos at the door. No posturing required. Everyone around the table is doing amazing things and as a guest, it's more about what you can give to others than what you can get. If more events applied curation to their planning — as well as instructed their attendees how to engage and how to add value, we’d see the amplification of meaningful networks being built. And if the measure of someone’s network is measured not in volume, but in its ability to get things done, the model of this small, but growing community should be the gold standard.

 - Dave Dyer, Chief Strategist