10 JANUARY 2019


What Is The Future Like?

In 1962, Joseph Barbera and William Hanna dreamed up what life might be like in 2062. Their vision, with flying cars, talking dogs, holograms and robot maids, became The Jetsons. As we enter 2019 we may not have flying cars, but the world of technology expands farther and wider than any of us could have imagined. In no sector is this more true than in healthcare, particularly with the visionaries at GE Healthcare making these once dreams, a reality.

Today’s reality: AI, augmented reality, self-driving cars, robotics and machine learning. Even non-invasive procedures that replace once painful processes. As healthcare moves from reactive to preventative, GE Healthcare is imagining a bold, new future of medicine at the intersection of these emerging technologies—Precision Healthcare.

Healthcare In The Year 2030

While the far future seems easier to dream up, what about the near future? Working in conjunction with leading physicians and radiologists, GE Healthcare challenged Manifesto to develop a vision piece, centered around one woman whose day would drastically change based on an at-home breast cancer screening, showcasing how GE Healthcare might manifest in 2030. Could GE’s technology of the future help her catch an early diagnosis, help reduce anxiety throughout the process and make it easier and more integrated with her collection of healthcare specialists?

In 2018, Manifesto developed a mechanism to both illustrate GE’s innovative approach and understanding of the future of healthcare and how these quickly emerging technologies like virtual reality, self-driving cars, AI, robotics, machine learning and augmented reality were going to impact the patient experience of the future.

As the vehicle to deliver this bold view of the future, Manifesto created an emotive content piece set in 2030 showcasing a highly personal, emotional experience of a theoretical character named Sophie going through the process of early breast cancer detection, diagnosis and treatment. To inspire the GE system and the world, we helped craft a multi-city leadership roadshow experience aimed at inspiring GE’s biggest healthcare partners, radiologists and customers.

The intent of each presentation was to provoke thought around the future of imaging, discover what key factors and technologies are giving rise to change in the industry and how we will see the proliferation of technology and seamless workflow shape human experience and drive greater outcomes with less invasive technology.

At its core, we highlighted how these advancements have deeply human effects, allowing for us all to live happier, healthier and longer lives. By putting technology in the hands of the individual, the hope is that such developments will help break cyclically devastating diagnosis, such as breast cancer, in families where genetics have put them at risk.

With so many advances in healthcare and technology happening every day, it was both challenging and extremely exciting to imagine what the patient experience may be in a little over a decade.