Bringing a gator to the city is a daring task. We collaborated with our friends at Skies Fall to shoot a new video for Gator Cases. Together we are launching a campaign that dramatizes the tender loving care that every Gator case provides to the stuff you love. Immortalized in a character simply known as Gator, the spot showcases Gator in a variety of scenarios where he can't help but try to rescue instruments, DJ gear, laptops and more that are about to be in peril. In each vignette, the lovable character sacrifices himself to protect from dings, dents and the dangers of life.

Gator showed up to the winter 2015 National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) trade show where he shook hands, posed for pictures, and rocked out on the drums. The show, which took place in Anaheim, CA, is known as the music industries annual family reunion.  Gator shared the spotlight at NAMM with Zombies, Celebrities, Gwar, and Pig Hog.

Tough on the outside, tenderly crafted on the inside, every Gator Case is designed to keep your stuff safe from the dings and dents of life. Whether you're a musician, DJ, gear junkie or simply need a case for your pet goldfish, Frankie, Gator has you covered. For the stuff you love, Guard it with Gator.