17 AUGUST 2016

Five years ago, to the low-lying rumble of a coffee shop, we opened our virtual doors—an agency founded on a singular mission: to tell the world what brands stand for.

No clients, no money. In a coffee shop. This is the way we describe the founding of Manifesto. It was an idea born out of conviction, opportunity and the nudge that life gives you to tackle your most daring dreams. Today, we’re thrilled to announce being named #124 on the Inc. 500 List of the Fastest Growing Privately-Held Companies In America: a milestone we could hardly imagine when we set off on our own. View the listing here.

Honored on the 2016 list as the #7 Fastest Growing Independent Advertising & Marketing Company in the US and the #2 Fastest Growing Independent Company in Portland and Oregon as a whole, we could not be more stunned, surprised or thankful.

The last few years have been marked by incredible growth—and 2015 propelled us forward like no other year before. Few companies can sustain the growth required to make the Inc. 500 List and fewer still are serviced-based companies. While growth has net positive effects, it is far from the end goal—nor the inspiration that drives us daily. From day one, we have remained purpose-led. As we have often stated: We’re not a cause marketing agency, but an agency with a cause.

Our Manifesto says this: “Sometimes the best causes are those only the dreamers, the dare-ers and the blind can see.” In an age when red-hot agencies rise and fall, and a market congested with more than an abundance of firms to service existing brands, did the world need yet another creative agency? We believed so. Architected to counter the cultural narrative of “sell more stuff” we founded Manifesto to help brands declare, activate and actualize their higher purpose.

On the dawn of this perhaps fleeting moment in our company’s journey, we view it as a time to celebrate, reflect and pay tribute to the clients who have put their trust in us, the employees who believe in our cause and daily pour out their talent in the pursuit of something greater than themselves.

Even in the midst of incredible growth, this milestone marks the survival of the intent we set out to fulfill. A culture that values people first—and a realization that we are stewards of humanity before we are stewards of brands. We call it Care Over Commerce. For those clients who work with us today and those who’ve worked with us in the past—as we built our brands together—we are deeply appreciative. And to our employees, past and present, who have joined us for this incredible journey of growth, we extend our sincere gratitude. As it’s been said: if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.