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1 AUGUST 2018


Nothing gathers Portland creatives like free tees and beer. This past Thursday our PDX studio co-hosted the Portland Advertising Federation Extremely Happy Hour, gathering creatives for an evening of hors d'oeuvres, hand-crafted cocktails and beer provided by our friends at Widmer Brothers.


“Our #1 goal at the Portland Advertising Federation is to keep the Portland Market connected,” said Portland Advertising Federation Executive Director Katie Gailey.

“We’ve got such a unique market with so much talent; it’s really fun to put these events together as a way to build community and celebrate all the amazing advertising and marketing folks here in Portland."

The event was part of the PAF’s year-round Extremely Happy Hour series. Dotted around Portland, each Happy Hour serves as an opportunity to forge a foundation of vibrant crafters and creators across the city while celebrating the relentless pursuit of creativity.

Manifesto, at its heart, is a human-centric company. And we believe in the serendipity of what can happen when you simply show up. These moments among creators are measured by our shared experiences. In turn, our stories and our aspirations are what binds us to one another.

As imbued within our Manifesto, “We will make our finite lives and work count, each informing the other—and both be better for it.”

Whether we share our space or share a drink, we believe that good things happen when people connect. Our love for connecting people to one another has driven us forward since our inception. Our motto: friendship first, business second.

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Photos provided by Mark Fenske (@MarkFenske)