We love giving. Giving a client a great new logo, giving a consumer an amazing experience, giving the office dog a treat - all of it! When it comes to the holidays our feelings on giving don’t budge, and like everything we do, we go back to our manifesto for guidance.

We believe that brands should stand for something more. …  As commerce without cause is meaningless. ...  A label alone is not enough.

With this in mind, may we present you with the Manifesto Holiday Gift Guide! This holiday season let’s let our dollars tell a story with more chutzpah than a Black Friday deal, with more meaning than your favorite holiday ornament, and more backbone than a Christmas turkey.

Our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide features LSTN Headphones, Jewelry for a Cause, Soapbox Soaps, Claro Candles, Tanner Goods, Sorel Boots, Shwood, Neighborwoods, and our friends at Colectivo Coffee.