Meet Manifesto | Ali

Ali is Manifesto's resident queen of organization. As the newest member of the team, she keeps us all in line and brings an awesome creative sense to the Milwaukee office.

ali photo

If you could have any job in the world (that's not here) where would you work?

I would open a bed & breakfast in Portland—Maine, not Oregon. There would be a small apple orchard in the backyard, and I would start a podcast to share the stories of my guests.


What is your spirit animal?

Alpaca. If I were an Alpaca, my B&B guests could knit with my fur.


If you could dress up as one character from LOTR who would it be and why?

Wait, what’s LOTR?


What is the most important room in your house?

Probably the kitchen & dining room because it involves food, drinks, friends, family, a table to gather around, etc. It’s where all the good things are—until they move into the living room and then that becomes my favorite room.


What five songs are on your current favorite playlist?

Swim Club – Cave Singers

King of Diamonds  – Motopony

17 – Youth Lagoon

Pompeii – Bastille

Heavy Hands – Cold Specks


What's your favorite brand at this moment? 

Ah too many brands in this world to choose from. I would need to sit down and chart it out by category and sub category, so on and so forth, for this reason and for that reason, and well, that would just take entirely too long. :)