Meet Manifesto | Dave

Dave leads the charge in our PDX office and is half of the Dyer Duo. As the chief strategist in PDX he gets to manage the two crazy interns while avoiding the ever-looming rain storm on the way to work.




If you could dress up as one character from LOTR who would it be and why?  W

hat is LOTR?  Is this Lord of the Rings? LOL? -I would be a mix between Legolas and Gimli - keen insight, observational and compassion of Legolas, but the sheer stubbornness of ill fated wit Gimli.


What is the most important room in your house?

The living room.  Between the overstuffed leather couches, an odd conquistador velvet painting and a large fireplace, it's by far the coziest room in the house.


If you could have any job in the world (that's not here) where would you work?

I've always dreamed of hosting my own epic travel adventure show..... being the Rick Steves for millennials and heavily focused on amazing and one of a kind experiences abroad.


What is your spirit animal?

Prairie dog (midwest roots)


What five songs are on your current favorite playlist?

Its All About Tonight

Hopeless Wanderer

Better Dig Two

Dirt Road Anthem

It Started to Rain (Amos Lee)


What's your favorite brand at this moment?