Meet Manifesto | Spencer

Spencer is the second of our pair of interns in PDX. He's worked to help run our social media accounts and will be leaving us later this fall to finish out his degree at the University of Oregon.


If you could dress up as one character from LOTR who would it be and why?

I haven't watched or read LOTR but I think I would be Gandalf because he's like Dumbledore and I just think old people are awesome.


What is the most important room in your house?

The kitchen. Everyone always seems to gather in the kitchen and I love to cook. I think most memories are made around food.


If you could have any job in the world (that's not here) where would you work?

Weatherman/Storm Chaser


What is your spirit animal?

Kangaroos are pretty awesome. They have giant pockets to hold stuff in and they are great at boxing.


What five songs are on your current favorite playlist?

Holy Grail - JT and Jay Z

Hurricane - MS MR

Crime - Mayer Hawthorne feat. Kendrick Lamar

Woods - Bon Iver

No Church in the Wild - Kanye West, Jay Z, and Frank Ocean


What's your favorite brand at this moment?

I really like the things that Tesla Motors is doing. They are doing a great job of advancing the electric car industry and they put out a great car that is raising the bar among all other car brands.