Meet Manifesto | Tim

Tim is our Creative Mastermind located in the MKE office. He has an affinity for Harley's and often dreams about them during conference calls. Meet Tim!

Tim Dyer Host Common Pitch


If you could dress up as one character from LOTR who would it be and why?

I'd definitely be Gandalf. Sure Aragorn has good looks, but my beard would serve as both a napkin and a birds' nest. Plus, magic is pretty handy for coming up with good ideas.


What is the most important room in your house?

The bathroom. C'mon, is that really a question?


If you could have any job in the world (that’s not here) where would you work?

Okay, fanboy time. I'd be Chief Idea Officer at IDEO. Is there such a position? I don't know. If the position opens up, let me know. Second to that is James Bond — or better yet, James Bond uncover as the Chief Idea Officer of IDEO. Score!


What is your spirit animal?

My spirit animal is apparently an Owl due to its wisdom and watchfulness. However, I believe I am more of a squirrel. But that wasn't an option. Pretty sure I screwed up that online quiz.


What five songs are on your current favorite playlist?

No need to name five. How about one band to rule them all? Mumford & Sons


What’s your favorite brand at this moment? 

Wolverine 1000 Mile