15 APRIL 2016

April 1st was no joke for us – it was the day we shared an inside look into Manifesto’s new Portland office.

Located on NE 20th and Irving, we gave an old boiler room purpose and made it our new home. Over the last three years our agency has experienced significant growth which has caused us to continue moving into one space after another. We are excited to have found ourselves a studio where we can collaborate, create and connect.

We’re a quirky bunch and we decided to break-in the new space in a few unusual ways. Within the last month, we’ve spent our mornings typing under our desk lamps with jazz music playing in the background. We’ve spent our lunch hours letting the dogs chase the ping pong ball down the stairs. And we’ve spent our afternoons cracking open a beer before most places would consider it socially acceptable.

Now that we’ve broken in the kinks a little bit and after months of planning and designing, we opened our doors to a few of our closest friends, family and community to help us celebrate our new studio. With live music, delicious grub, handmade cocktails, and incredible conversations, we can say the first Manifesto party set the tone for future experiences within the walls of Suite 115.