28 JUNE 2018


On Tuesday, June 19th at the Annual PRO Awards in New York City, Brand Declaration Agency, Manifesto, was awarded Gold for "Best Buzz" and Silver for “Best Use of Social” by Chief Marketer.

The Pro Awards are a nationwide competition hosted in New York City open to “marketers, agencies, suppliers, and manufacturers involved in campaigns utilizing promotion marketing” that focus on innovation, effectiveness and strategic thinking.

The agency was awarded on behalf of the Arby’s "#MeatSweats,”  literal head-to-toe custom apparel featuring Arby’s signature meats in a photorealistic, audaciously loud sweatshirt and matching sweatpants—delivered to the nation’s most publicly passionate carnivores just in time for Christmas. The Vegan Trance - A story to drive an experience,

All opinions expressed below on veganism are for the sake of storytelling.

We’ve all been there. One of your co-workers, Tom, finally decided to go vegan with his wife for “health reasons.”

As he carries on about how “fulfilling” his new lifestyle choice is in an attempt to recruit you, your mind drifts to the delicious lunch that sits before you.

But for a man like you, this won't cut it.

You stare down at your fresh Bourbon BBQ Brisket Sandwich from Arby’s, take a bite and are transported to a meaty heaven with mounds of smoked brisket, waterfalls of cheesy goodness and a river of BBQ sauce.

You are only brought back to reality when you see Tom, emptiness in his eyes (and in his stomach) staring at your lunch.

Want a bite?



Understanding the task at hand, Manifesto worked to create and deploy an experimental device that reminded Americans that at Arby’s—“We Have The Meats”—and that it’s not just roast beef, but chicken, pork, brisket and more. In less than six weeks Manifesto concepted, designed and created these custom gems of protein punnery.

Each pair of #MeatSweats came with tongue-in cheek features like bacon-patterned warming pockets, a venting hood for maximum temperature control and expandable waistline technology for post-meal comfort.

But who has the bravery and the confidence to don such a meaty masterpiece?

The Great American Carnivore—and the highly engaged world of meat-enthusiasts. These are heavy meat-eaters: typically guys from 18-35 who hit QSR once a week and are loud and proud about their love of meat protein.

What happened next was truly “unbe-beef-ible.”

With over 92 million earned media impressions in a two week period, this love from influencers and social alike led to a recognizable sales spike of Arby’s biggest sandwiches during the campaign window. The sweats were featured on programs such as Late Night with Seth Meyer, Fox and Friends, and exploded on social.

“Because Arby’s core audience is so dedicated to their love of meat, we knew this campaign had the potential to go viral overnight,” says Tim Dyer Chief Storyteller at Manifesto. “What we didn’t expect was the cultural currency Arby’s would immediately earn for a wearable item that actually got solid reviews by the fashion community. The pure visual audacity combined with a carefully controlled supply and demand made for an instant viral concept.”

For more details on #MeatSweats, see or "YOU GOTTA EARN IT" on our blog posts. 




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