Retreat! Retreat! Retreat!


5 MAY 2017

While technology has allowed our teams to work closely across the 2,064 mile gap, we look forward for the time together under one roof—in what better place than the mountains of Washington?

We met in a mansion located on Lake Cle Elum, just an hour and a half outside of Seattle. The time together as a team was used to align on our vision for the year, and to reflect on what 2016 brought us- both the good and the bad. With busy schedules and deadlines looming, Tim and Dave made sure to live out what we stand for—care over commerce. That people are important and our time together is vital to our team.

Like every workplace knows, it takes a little while to figure out how our different personalities can work well together. We spent some time diving into the complexities of who we are and how we each fit into the larger part of the team. We explored the strengths and weaknesses of each of our personality types, using the Enneagram—which affects how we communicate with each other and how we receive feedback. It was helpful to know how someone who is an 8- a challenger with a dominant personality can work with a 2—someone who is a helper and more emotion-driven.

We took to the mountains for a little exploring—we snowmobiled for about 4 hours. The Milwaukee office got to see the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, and the Portland office showed us the ropes.

For our clients reading this—we didn’t just have fun! We spent hours discussing our creative process and how we can refine it. We unpacked our Manifesto and discussed what that means for the work we produce.

A chili cook-off happened—where 4 teams crammed into the kitchen and gave it all we had. There was a discrepancy between what others considered a chili, and what might actually be a chowder. Still up for discussion.

Much like our Table for Ten events—we were tasked with bringing an item that we can use to tell our own story of courage. From business cards telling about previous job changes, to shoes that tell about moving forward from family crises, and whistles telling about kids’ courage playing football, our eyes were opened to the courage that we each have, which points to why we’re here and where we came from.

The retreat left us feeling encouraged and excited for what’s to come. After all of the discussions, it also left us with many things to do in order to get to where we want to be as an agency and how we can get there. Needless to say, we’re excited for all that 2017 will bring.