Social Influencer Network Pollinate Media Group Gets a Facelift

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The face of brand marketing is rapidly changing, fueled by some of today's top influencers who help soccer moms make daily decisions of the products and services that will support their family. Steeped in Pinterest and the blogosphere, these tastemakers challenge the status quo of traditional marketing, connecting with their audience through inspiration, product integration and reviews, as well as authentic storytelling. 
Manifesto recently had the opportunity work with Pollinate Media to develop their brand identity and launch their new digital presence. With multiple target audiences including bloggers, brands and agencies the brand and identity had to seamlessly connect groups and quickly funnel each audience into their respective digital navigation experience. 
The brand and identity, designed to highlight the layered connectivity of influencers across various social spheres, harkens back to Pollinate's rich, but successful heritage of pollinating ideas by pairing discerning brands with curated social influencers.