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Making lab products sell like hot cakes can be a real challenge, so when Brady approached us about creating a buzz around their new extreme condition lab labels we were excited to bring a fresh approach to the industry. How can we make lab labels for test tubes (think petri dishes and beakers) desirable? Our objective was to get lab techs and managers to "think Brady" by creating a new, proactive approach to their products, reminding them that Brady knows the everyday challenges they encounter that can literally destroy years' worth of research in a single moment.

Marketing to this demographic isn't about flash and persuasion, so we aimed at piquing the interest of our target customer through facts and fun. We partnered with comic illustrator extraordinaire Jonathan Carlson to put the new extreme labels into an environment that was familiar our tech-savvy demographic, but with a comic-con worthy twist. The three creative executions all highlighted vignettes and challenges that are all too common in the lab. Keep an eye out for our Brady comic-syle ads in the next edition of Lab Manager Magazine and other industry publications. (You have a subscription, right?!)