Table for Ten PDX

[imagebrowser id=14] Table for Ten PDX kicked off last week with a splash. Hosted at the joint MFA studio of the Pacific Northwest College of Art and Oregon College of Art and Craft’s, we had the opportunity to work with two first-year graduate students who took our vision full speed and built us a private dining space with a bird's eye view of the working studio below. With the help of our sponsors [Appetite Studio, Commonwealth Vintage Rentals & Union Wine Company], the scene was complete. The rustic wooden structure was filled with screen-printed napkins, succulents, artisan wine, and carefully curated furniture and tableware.

Our ten guests were creative industry mavens, ranging from DIY guru Lia Griffith, leather craftsman and Tanner Goods Co-Founder, Sam Huff, even a recent Emmy winner from Intel, Billie Goldman. We only asked one thing of our guests - to bring a unique object with them as a catalyst to tell a story at the dinner table. Our guests delivered, no holds barred; photographer Holly Andres brought the catalogue from her recent retrospective at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art, while head of global creative outreach at Nike, Howard Lichter, brought natural fiber sandals worn by marathon-running monks that inspired his global design team while working for Nike in Tokyo.

As a small agency, it was so fulfilling to have the opportunity to bring these industry leaders together and hear their stories. Our goal was to create an environment that went beyond networking and fostered real, organic relationships. For a short amount of time that evening, everyone’s shield of professionalism fell and in that moment the magic happened.