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14 FEBRUARY 2018

Things are just things - small tokens that mark our lifetime and become reference points for memories and experiences. But sometimes - a thing can become more significant to us. Sometimes, an object can become our only link to a memory or a moment from our past, moving far beyond the utility of the item itself and instead evoking a deep emotional connection. It could be a message from a lost loved one, special coins given to you by your child, or even a patch-emblazoned leather jacket that traces your storied pass. Once in a while there are a few things in life Worth Holding Onto.

Just as the creative profession is constantly changing, shifting and overflowing with fresh ideas and innovation, so is the city of Portland, Oregon. So when it came to planning our upcoming Table for Ten event, we couldn’t think of a better venue than the Tanner Goods and Mazama Wares workshop, located in the heart of Portland’s Industrial District. Surrounded by a maze of overlapping bridges, railroads, waterways and metro tracks, each tasked with mobilizing the city’s culture, it was an ideal setting for an evening of connection, conversation and fine dining with ten curious creatives.


After an intimate tour of the innovative, craft-inspired space by owners Sam Huff and Meghan Wright, our guests took their seats and kicked off the evening. Park Kitchen served up 5 sumptuous courses each paired perfectly with select bottles of wine from David Hill Winery. From pan-roasted sturgeon showered in a light miso drizzle to a mountain rose apple cake lathered in a chevre creme anglaise and toffee, our taste buds were bursting with delight.


Once our forks rested our guests began to share the cherished items they brought to the dinner in line with the evening’s theme “Worth Holding Onto”. Some stories were amusing, some were serious, but most importantly, each item resembled something raw and personal, further solidifying a connection between each guest seated at the table. As we closed our night, Tanner Goods and Mazama Wares graciously gifted our guests with a pair of wine glasses and leather coasters to commemorate the evening together.

A special thanks to our hosts, Tanner Goods and Mazama Wares, to David Hill Winery and Park Kitchen for partnering with us for another memorable Table for Ten.

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