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Manifesto Client Covered In BizTimes: Brighter 12

Manifesto Client Covered In BizTimes: Brighter 12

Brighter12, a Milwaukee-based start-up company, has launched its website to assist 12-step program participants in recovering from their addictions through interactive online tools. After a soft website launch in November, the company is officially marketing its Web application, which is designed for people struggling with a range of addictions from drugs and alcohol to overeating and gambling.“I’m trying to make my text and curriculum generic for any kind of addiction,” said Brighter12 founder Cindy Rahm. "Typically the roots of the issues can be uncovered using the same process,” Rahm said.
While Brighter12 is not officially affiliated with any of the 12-step programs, it acts a supplementary service for people working through the 12-step process.As a recovering alcoholic and past participant of the 12-step program, herself, Rahm said the kinds of tools she sought while engaged in the 12-step process weren’t available online.And with a background in designing computer systems, Rahm is uniquely prepared to be able to create a program like this, she said.