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The Human Habitat: 48 Hours to Create Exponential Impact

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On April 4, 12 amazing minds will descend upon Atlanta for a summit focused on helping to solve the global housing crisis. As a new approach to engaging generation Y, Habitat for Humanity, led by cultural maven Kevin Conroy Smith, has curated a collective of entrepreneurs, artists and innovators from around the country to focus one extended weekend on collectively helping to address affordable housing. Smith, who put together a growing board of connected twenty and thirty somethings, pulled in Dan Lack, Founder of MBM (Meeting of The Big Minds) to design an intimate experience that would forge friendships and idea sharing between these diverse minds.

As part of the initiative, Manifesto themed the event, "Unlock Your Mind For Humanity," issuing 12 distinct keys to each participant with an invite to bring their mind, body and a willing spirit. Together we'll build a house, experience the Habitat Global Village and learn about Habitat For Humanity's positive impact on families around the globe. Through the event series, Habitat will begin to develop a pipeline of advocacy and involvement, starting with the 12 attendees. A similar experience hosted by Summit Series in 2010 took Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS shoes on a curated shark tagging experience with University of Miami. The result? A signature TOMS Shark Shoe line that drove dollars to preserve shark habitats. In a recent post, Smith quoted Mother Theresa in regard to the endeavor. “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” Manifesto is proud to partner with Kevin Conroy Smith, MBM and Habitat For Humanity to affect change on a global scale.