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Tech4Change Brand Actualized!

Tech4Change_Logo_2-1024x479 Mercy Corps and Startup Weekend have partnered to create a first-of-its kind event focused on solving some of the world’s toughest problems through technology and entrepreneurship, measured by solutions formulated from the boldest of ideas.

Tech4Change will serve as a platform to encourage new ways to think about entrepreneurship in challenging environments around the globe. The 54-hour marathon event will be focused on developing tech tools for the greater good and creating viable social enterprises that can scale to address global needs

As part of the initiative, MercyCorps engaged Manifesto to build the brand identity and sales materials. Inspired by similar initiatives in the tech space, Manifesto created an identity that merged the essential elements of MercyCorps with the scrappy, fun and innovation-focused look and feel of Startup Weekend.

"We're thrilled to collaborate with a global organization poised at the intersection innovation, cause and commerce," said Manifesto Chief Strategist, Dave Dyer. "Our work with MercyCorps to help build this powerful platform perfectly aligns with our core beliefs: to use technology and ideas for the good of our world."

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Tech Justice Served — Guru Signal Places Third at Portland Startup Weekend

54 hours after it all started, Manifesto Co-Founder, Dave Dyer and a crack team of developers, programmers, business strategists and marketers placed 3rd for their development of Guru Signal, a mobile platform that allows consumers to blast out an IT requests to highly localized moonlighting tech gurus who can rush in at a moment's notice and solve their computer problems. Before the event was over, the team received a $5,000 seed investment. During the weekend, participants from all walks of life — entrepreneurs, marketing mavens, programmers and tech geeks — collide for a rapid development of seed ideas to formalized, branded entities. Though Portland Startup Weekend is over, it will move on to another city for the entire process to be repeated all over again.