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Manifesto Co-Founder Hosts Common Pitch Milwaukee

Manifesto Co-Founder Hosts Common Pitch Milwaukee

Over 600 innovators from across the region and the country descended upon Milwaukee this past week to experience a myriad of innovation-focused events. The goal: put Milwaukee on the map as a budding innovation hub. Among the high profile events Manifesto helped to host was Common Pitch Milwaukee, which showcased 10 social entrepreneurs and their ideas to jump start America's economy. Taking the winnings was Jake Bronstein of Flint & Tinder, an upscale men's underwear company produced in a 100-year old factory on the east coast. High profile event attendees included Lane Becker author of Get Satisfaction and Susan Fonseca co-founder of Singularity University & Women @ The Frontier. Manifesto worked hand in hand with Milwaukee-based organizations like Clever Creative, the Greater Milwaukee Committee and Spreenkler to play host. And in 2013, we're doing it again.