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A Company, Divided (by geography)

Our two offices - Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Portland, Oregon - are as intertwined as cross-country offices could be. We Skype daily, text on the hour, and email all too often. So it was a great treat last week to have the core team from Milwaukee come out to Portland for some old fashion person-to-person interaction. Our first ever Manifesto Company Retreat started with some Portland staples (Screen Door for fried chicken, Coava for coffee, and a walk around the West End and Pearl districts) before we headed to a sleepy cabin on Mt. Hood. We spent three days at Camp Festivus, the cabin for the rest of us, making Seinfeld jokes and enjoying the lush green landscape.

A Company, United (by Dave's cooking)

Company morale isn't just something that happens, it's something that's created and nurtured. In addition to a working session to plan for the year ahead and celebrate some big wins since our inception two and a half years ago, we spent our time on the mountain hot tubbing, enjoying Dave's cooking, and sharing stories around the large stone fireplace. And let's not forget about the snowball fight - bosses vs employees. Sure, we didn't get as much vision setting done as we'd hoped, but a few golden nuggets of team member truth were mined over those few days which are not soon to be forgotten.

[ahem: Tim is obsessed with dark chocolate and cereal (consumed separately). Dave has ruptured his eardrums more times than a normal person will in their entire life (can you hear me now? good.). Tyler had to Google how to build a fire, because nobody employed here knows how. When Molly wasn't busting out her only known dance move, she and Tyler showed their nerdy side talking about craft beer. And Ali is highly/moderately skilled at everything - this is not an exaggeration. She Googled "how to ski" and was ready to take on the lifts. She could probably give Tim some Hershey's and Dave ear plugs and take on Manifesto solo.]

A special thanks to Trevor the cabin ghost and the Portland Studio for hosting a memorable few days of team bonding and ideation!