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What Savvy Brand Marketers Can Learn From Freelance on Fiverr


What Savvy Brand Marketers Can Learn From Freelance on Fiverr

We’ve all seen the commoditization of the advertising and marketing industry. Smaller, hungrier shops chip away at the big dogs and entire agency teams are moving inside brands as in-house teams. Massive consulting firms are signing multi-million dollar innovation deals with global companies and advertising agencies are making swift moves to become hyper-digital, hyper-experiential and more focused on upstream product development work instead of campaign deployment.

At the most cost-effective end of the industry, nimble tools like 99 Designs and Fiverr are offering all kinds of things for as little as $5 to $300 including the development of your logo. In the spirit of curiosity, I dug in to Fiverr to understand how an independent freelancer working from just about anywhere can produce a logo for a brand or company at a fraction of the cost. And what I found blew my mind. Below are four observations from my experience with Fiverr that will inevitably impact our process and the way we build brands — and likely, the way you do too.


Lands’ End Academy: The Most Buttoned-Up School You’ve Never Heard Of

[imagebrowser id=11] What’s better than being accepted to a school you’ve never applied to? Last week attendees of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools conference in Washington D.C. experienced a new side of Lands’ End. Weeks before, a select number of Lands’ End School Uniforms prospective clients — school administrators in the rapidly growing charter space, received an acceptance packet welcoming them to the Lands’ End Academy. Veiled as a cheeky prep school, the packet served as the invite to a myriad of activities hosted by the fictitious school. Among the activities: a VIP Detention event for the disruptors of education, held at D.C.’s notorious Huxley Library. Upon arrival, conference attendees were intercepted by Lands’ End Academy Hall Monitors, who quickly issued them detention slips for infractions exhibited on the showroom floor; open-toed shoes, talking too loud, laughter, talking back, you name it. With each interaction the humorous hall monitor pair drove traffic to the booth.

Since April, Manifesto has been working with Lands’ End School Uniforms to build a new brand platform that would help position Lands’ End as a category thought-leader. Known for its perfect balance of pun and pedigree, the Academy is designed to champion the issues and challenges school administrators face everyday.

The goal was to create disruption, fun and affinity for Lands’ End School Uniforms through an interactive experience for the attendees. Beginning with an acceptance kit, complete with a congratulatory letter to “the most buttoned up school you’ve never heard of,” came a link where attendees could register for the VIP event that was held on July 2nd at the Huxley Library. Billed as “Detention” and designed for the rule-breakers of education, roving hall monitors intercepted attendees and drove traffic back to the booth with a simple message: “Look who got caught walking the halls? See the principal for your prize.” Each slip had a coupon for a free academy t-shirt.

In addition to the tradeshow floor activation, the Lands’ End Academy hosted “Brand Building 301”, a breakout session featuring some of the most experienced branding experts in the charter school space. Among powerful brand-building tools, school uniforms were reinforced as the fundamental building block for a distinctive brand.

Overall, the event was a great success for the Lands’ End School Uniforms brand and serves as a jumping off point for the Lands’ End Academy to expand and grow in the future. Our hope at Manifesto is that the Lands’ End Academy continues to live on and serve as a home for those innovators of private and charter education.

Tech4Change: A 54-Hour Marathon For Global Good

[imagebrowser id=13]

Last weekend, Manifesto had the unique opportunity to work with Tech4Change, a 54-hour marathon weekend put on by MercyCorps and Startup Weekend to help develop solutions to problems facing the world. Over 70 entrepreneurs attended the event to work on their startup and create a company that helps facilitate a better world.

Manifesto was a platinum sponsor for the event and awarded the winner with a Brand Declaration prize package valued at $5,000. After 54 hours of collaboration, inspiration and innovation, EcoValuate walked away with the top spot and will work with Manifesto to create a stronger sense of brand identity and strategy. Joanna Malaczynski came up with the idea for EcoValuate as a way to pull information from different databases and analyze the safety of chemicals.

Manifesto Chief Strategist, Dave Dyer, emceed the event and Manifesto worked hand in hand with MercyCorps to transform their headquarters into a space inspired by Startup Weekend, yet true to the MercyCorps brand and mission. By the end of the event, several startups received funding, and others had developed a plan to help get off the ground. Though the pilot event, Tech4Change was a great event for Manifesto — and our Portland office enjoyed joining forces with some of the greatest minds at the forefront of innovation and social change.


STORY Chicago

[imagebrowser id=8] At the crux of the creativity is storytelling itself. Few things can awaken and inspire the creative class more than an experience steeped in narrative storytelling and art. This collision of people, place and passion spurs a desire to create at the very root of inspiration itself. Enter STORY; a 2-day creative summit that draws 1000 artists, filmmakers, writers, photographers, designers, and marketers to the heart of Chicago. This year’s theme, “A Sense of Place”, will feature a robust speaker series including Nike's Howard Licther, Creative Director of the Decade, Alex Bogusky and Scott Harrison, cultural disruptor and Founder of Charity: Water.

As if we could be left out of the fun, Manifesto has spent the last 6 months working with STORY's creator Ben Arment to help socialize, develop sponsorship materials, and curate key brand partners and attendees for the event. And we’re proud to say that even now, STORY enthusiasts have begun the countdown to September 18-20th — setting their travel sites on the windy city as they look forward to a weekend of pure inspiration. Find out more and join us by checking out the website.


The Latest Buzz . . .

  Kudos to our client Dan Lack of Waldo Tags, who was featured this week at PGi Green, a blog fronting ecologically responsible innovations in human connectivity. Lack partnered with Manifesto to brand Waldo Tags, the world's first 100% biodegradable, American-made conference tags. Learn more by reading the interview here. Congratulations, Dan!



Innovation Week Comes To Milwaukee!

Common PItch Website 4 Manifesto is proud to be part of Milwaukee’s emerging innovation community. And we’re ready to show it off! Enter Milwaukee Innovation Week: a first-of-its-kind showcase for the brightest ideas Cream City has to offer. Working with Spreenkler and MiKE, Manifesto spearheaded MIW branding and helped land sponsors likeHarley-Davidson and Kohl’s. We also invited COMMON to host their Common Pitch event as the centerpiece of week! Previously held in such far-flung locales as Boulder, Colorado and Capetown, South Africa, Common Pitch pits eight smart start-ups against each other, before celebrity judges, for cash and prizes. Learn more and apply at See you there!

Common PItch Website






Bringing Classical Music Into The 21st Century

Royal Wigs Card Case Study When Neo-Classical Production Company The Royal Wigs approached us to develop their iconic look & feel, we were thrilled. Challenged to perfectly balance the tradition and heritage of orchestra with the irreverent feel of generation Y, we developed an illustrative character that bridged the gap. Our work included strategic mapping, identity development and partnership material development so they could land a new client themselves: The National Symphony Orchestra. Letterpress imprinted by Hoban Press of Portland, OR.


Concept to Reality - Our Approach To Visual Mapping & Idea Generation

Concept to Reality_9_x900Concept to Reality_7_x900It all starts with the idea, developed over time into a budding reality...if it gets that far. Through storyboarding, visual mapping and time-tested ideation techniques, our greatest value is providing clients with vision — articulated in ways they can actually see. Through half-day strategy sessions we map out brand direction and generate powerful ideas that unlock the brand's vision.