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24 OCTOBER 2018


There’s a tough truth facing kids across America.

When’s the last time you waited in a line 30,000 people deep? Every day, there are 30,000 kids across America who wait in an invisible, but very real line. What are they waiting for? A Big Brother or Big Sister. 30,000 mentor roles waiting to be filled and 30,000 kids who can’t wait to meet them.

But what if that line was made real?

This Fall, Manifesto worked hand in hand with The Arby’s Foundation and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America to help tell these kids’ story. With a focus on childhood hunger, youth mentorship and career readiness, Arby’s saw the opportunity to raise awareness around the mentorship gap.

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With the launch of the microsite TheBigWait.org, we deployed a handful of teasers into the digital ether followed by a :60 TV spot, illustrating what would happen if this line was made visible. Driving viewers to the site, the video content campaign accompanied a simultaneous national in-store dollar donation program at Arby’s restaurants to support Big Brothers Big Sisters, No Kid Hungry and Junior Achievement.

To check out the content, click HERE.