Manifesto and non-profit organization Urban Light came together to create a new website by leveraging their existing brand presence and bringing awareness to their mission, goals, and achievements. Working closely together, we created a website that showed an honest and authentic view into the world of Urban Light. Working together has ignited more than a partnership, it has forged a friendship and fueled a passion to make a difference and bring awareness to the end of human trafficking.

Urban Light is dedicated to restoring, rebuilding and empowering the lives of young men who are so often forgotten within the dialogue of abuse, exploitation and trafficking. Urban Light is able to provide an array of health, educational, creative and recreational activities for Chiang Mai's most at-risk and vulnerable males. Although the youth center is located in Chiang Mai, Thailand, founder Alezandra Russell travels all over the world raising awareness and breaking the silence on a topic people tend to avoid talking about. In total, Urban Light has been able to help 1,200 young men in Chiang Mai.

Urban Light has been able to change lives thanks to the dedication of their team, their sponsors, and of course the donors! To learn more about Urban Light and how to be involved with this outstanding organization, check out the new website, here. Every dollar counts, and even just a little donation could make a big impact in someone’s life.