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In 1962, Joseph Barbera and William Hanna dreamed up what life might be like in 2062. Their vision, with flying cars, talking dogs, holograms and robot maids, became The Jetsons. As we enter 2019 we may not have flying cars, but the world of technology expands farther and wider than any of us could have imagined. In no sector is this more true than in healthcare, particularly with the visionaries at GE Healthcare making these once dreams, a reality.





There’s a tough truth facing kids across America.

When’s the last time you waited in a line 30,000 people deep? Every day, there are 30,000 kids across America who wait in an invisible, but very real line. What are they waiting for? A Big Brother or Big Sister. 30,000 mentor roles waiting to be filled and 30,000 kids who can’t wait to meet them.

But what if that line was made real?


Social Influencer Network Pollinate Media Group Gets a Facelift

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The face of brand marketing is rapidly changing, fueled by some of today's top influencers who help soccer moms make daily decisions of the products and services that will support their family. Steeped in Pinterest and the blogosphere, these tastemakers challenge the status quo of traditional marketing, connecting with their audience through inspiration, product integration and reviews, as well as authentic storytelling. 
Manifesto recently had the opportunity work with Pollinate Media to develop their brand identity and launch their new digital presence. With multiple target audiences including bloggers, brands and agencies the brand and identity had to seamlessly connect groups and quickly funnel each audience into their respective digital navigation experience. 
The brand and identity, designed to highlight the layered connectivity of influencers across various social spheres, harkens back to Pollinate's rich, but successful heritage of pollinating ideas by pairing discerning brands with curated social influencers.


UrbanLight-new identity logo-manifesto Like a picture, a logo is worth a thousand words, which is why we're excited to announce the new visual identity we crafted for Urban Light, a nonprofit dedicated to ending the exploitation of boys in Chiang Mai, Thailand. When we first met with Urban Light founder Alezandra Russell last fall we felt there needed to be a modern look and regional nod in the logo - something that was distinctly hopeful, bold and wholly encompassing of the Urban Light mission. Today, Urban Light announced their new identity in conjunction with a short video about their efforts in Chiang Mai. Watch the video here.

Here at Manifesto, we dedicate our time and skills to a nonprofit organization every quarter. It has been such a pleasure to work with Alezandra. Her passion and dedication to Urban Light is astounding, truly inspirational. Please be sure to follow their efforts on Facebook and Twitter. Congratulations Urban Light!

The Goddess of Light for Hunter Douglas' Pirouette®

Lifestyle Content Video for Hunter Douglas


Hunter Douglas' luxury lifestyle brand Pirouette® recently engaged Manifesto to create an innovative approach to showcase their product at their annual national sales meeting. Pirouette® needed to articulate their new consumer demographic to help dealers and retail channels better understand their customers life and purchase decisions.

Armed with demographic research, Manifesto created the Pirouette® consumer coined the "Goddess of Light" and brought her to life through an emotive storytelling video. Highlighting every aspect of her life and showcasing her ability to control light beautifully, the video allowed sales reps and dealers to better understand the target consumer and how Pirouette® perfectly compliments her life.

GE Healthcare Vision360 Kickoff at RSNA

[imagebrowser id=15] The RSNA (Radiological Society of North America) 2013 conference kicked off last week in Chicago, the largest conference of its kind in the world. Part conference part convention, GE Healthcare was in attendance showing off the best and brightest new technology within GE Healthcare. With hundreds of GE employees from around the world coming to the conference, GE challenged Manifesto with concepting, creating and producing an internal vision-setting event.  An event to engage, ignite, and deliver a wholistic perspective on why GE will continue to lead innovation in healthcare for years to come.

Manifesto turned the would be 90-minute PowerPoint marathon to an experiential theater in the round experience called Vision360. The event featured GE Healthcare verticals including powerful storytelling from Tom Gentile, CEO of GE Helathcare Systems and Bob Schwartz, head of GE Healthcare Global Design. Ben Arment, Founder and Curator of STORY emceed the event and seamlessly transitioned the audience between presenters and compelling content. The event included stunning sizzle videos, rousing intros and music, and powerful presentations that delivered on the Vision360 ethos.

New Arby's Foundation Website


Arby's Foundation Website Design

Earlier this week we wrapped up the new and improved Arby's Foundation website. Manifesto has been working with the Arby's Foundation for the past few years to end childhood hunger in America. Currently, 1 in 5 children in America are food insecure, and together, the Arby's Foundation and Manifesto are working to make that number zero.

The new Arby's Foundation website has been revamped and features a responsive and easier to navigate design. The new website has elements of the Hungry for Happiness mobile tour microsite that we built for Arby's as well. The Hungry for Happiness tour just wrapped up it's second year and has visited 45 cities, helping 11,000 kids along the way. We've loved being a part of this project and hope to continue the great work at ending childhood hunger in the years to come.

Watch our wrap up of the Hungry for Happiness tour and visit the Arby's Foundation Website!

Table for Ten

What happens when you bring together Portland's social mavens, top creatives, and biggest entrepreneurs and have them sit down for dinner together? That is what we here at Manifesto are on a mission to find out. Manifesto is pleased to announce the first installment of our Table for Ten dinner series. Since we began a little over two years ago, we've met some of the most incredible people, and we've begun to realize these people live in our own back-yards. Our hope is that by bringing these people together we can inspire new connections, awesome experiences, and maybe even some social change for good.

The first of what we hope will be many dinners is coming up in a few weeks. We are excited about the endless possibilities we see ahead. Stay tuned for pictures and updates after the dinner!

Exploration Science | University of Miami


Manifesto just completed the last installment in the  Exploration Science series – Earth. The Earth program guide takes a look at climate change on a grand scale. Within the booklet there are a number of different disciplines from Earthquake studies, to rising tidal areas that UM is studying in conjunction with National Geographic. Here's a small excerpt from the booket:

The world’s melting ice is flooding coastal areas, and causing land elsewhere to rise. With less glacial weight on the land holding them down, we have seen rocky shores around the Polar Regions rising at a faster rate over the past decade. The next step is to expand this research to detect seasonal changes in ice mass and predict what areas may be impacted the most.

The Florida peninsula is at the frontline of sea level rise. In these warmer climes, we’re monitoring coastal wetlands with satellites and radar. We have detected changes in surface flow and above-ground biomass over wide areas of the Florida Everglades that are too large to be seen from the ground. These observations help ecologists and water resource managers to better respond to potential impacts. 


We have enjoyed working with University of Miami on this project and developing the Exploration Science platform.

Check out more of the Exploration Science initiative at http://exploration.miami.edu/

Lands’ End Academy: The Most Buttoned-Up School You’ve Never Heard Of

[imagebrowser id=11] What’s better than being accepted to a school you’ve never applied to? Last week attendees of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools conference in Washington D.C. experienced a new side of Lands’ End. Weeks before, a select number of Lands’ End School Uniforms prospective clients — school administrators in the rapidly growing charter space, received an acceptance packet welcoming them to the Lands’ End Academy. Veiled as a cheeky prep school, the packet served as the invite to a myriad of activities hosted by the fictitious school. Among the activities: a VIP Detention event for the disruptors of education, held at D.C.’s notorious Huxley Library. Upon arrival, conference attendees were intercepted by Lands’ End Academy Hall Monitors, who quickly issued them detention slips for infractions exhibited on the showroom floor; open-toed shoes, talking too loud, laughter, talking back, you name it. With each interaction the humorous hall monitor pair drove traffic to the booth.

Since April, Manifesto has been working with Lands’ End School Uniforms to build a new brand platform that would help position Lands’ End as a category thought-leader. Known for its perfect balance of pun and pedigree, the Academy is designed to champion the issues and challenges school administrators face everyday.

The goal was to create disruption, fun and affinity for Lands’ End School Uniforms through an interactive experience for the attendees. Beginning with an acceptance kit, complete with a congratulatory letter to “the most buttoned up school you’ve never heard of,” came a link where attendees could register for the VIP event that was held on July 2nd at the Huxley Library. Billed as “Detention” and designed for the rule-breakers of education, roving hall monitors intercepted attendees and drove traffic back to the booth with a simple message: “Look who got caught walking the halls? See the principal for your prize.” Each slip had a coupon for a free academy t-shirt.

In addition to the tradeshow floor activation, the Lands’ End Academy hosted “Brand Building 301”, a breakout session featuring some of the most experienced branding experts in the charter school space. Among powerful brand-building tools, school uniforms were reinforced as the fundamental building block for a distinctive brand.

Overall, the event was a great success for the Lands’ End School Uniforms brand and serves as a jumping off point for the Lands’ End Academy to expand and grow in the future. Our hope at Manifesto is that the Lands’ End Academy continues to live on and serve as a home for those innovators of private and charter education.