Gift Guide 2016 Intro



***Balancing risk and reward is the ongoing struggle that all savers and investors face, and in a world of uncertainty, CDs are virtually risk-free. Our challenge was to create a compelling story that makes CDs valuable again to this crowd.***


***Emotion is a powerful way into a person’s heart and mind. People love advocacy and buying into a cause they believe in.*** 


The 2016 edition of the Manifesto Guide to Intentional Gifting showcased 20 purpose-led products and brands that we believed the world needed to know about. Ranging from Portland-based “drinking chocolate” startup, Treehouse Chocolate, to the compelling love child of two American icons (Shinola+Leatherman), we sought to bring together a unique collection spanning price ranges and prospective recipients. In other words, we wanted to have something for everyone...all connected by a shared sense of passion, ambition and purpose.

For the sake of practicality and access, we had one requirement--that each product be available for purchase online. Doing so allowed us to send shoppers directly to the source. Many of the companies opted to provide us with a discount code, which was a nice bonus that enabled us to track sales and score our shoppers a deal at the same time.

The online guide, viewable at, was accompanied by a limited print run of the full 57-page catalog publication. The 2017 edition will be released in November. Be sure to join our email community for updates and early access.

Key elements included:

•    Brand positioning and rollout strategy

•    Copywriting and design

•    Photography and layout