Intel Moore's Law 50th Page



For more than 50 years, Moore’s Law has propelled technology forward—basically stating that computing would dramatically increase in power, and decrease in relative cost, at an exponential pace. It has become the inspirational force behind Intel’s culture and drive, its power and presence woven into the DNA of every Intel employee. On the heels of its 50th anniversary, Manifesto was tasked with the massive challenge to inspire and engage each of Intel’s 109,000 employees across the globe—and have a real good time while doing it, too.


For every 50 years, Intel's employees have been propelled forward by Moore's Law. 


Anniversary Celebration marked the beginning of this year-long journey; and then laid the groundwork for the next, even richer wave of employee engagement activities. Key elements included:

  • On campus signage, including: entrance doors, elevator wraps, lobby standees, posters and collateral
  • Anthem video
  • Branded intranet
  • Messaging and involvement from Intel c-suite leaders
  • Internal newsletter content, employee profiles and infographics
  • Contests
  • Branded cafeteria meals