Internship Program


Manifesto is a new kind of agency—one that blends cause with commerce and raises the social consciousness of the brands we work with. Our desire is to work with the most talented and courageous people and partner with the most ambitious brands in the world. Brands that are bold and optimistic, that have an appetite for disruption and want to challenge the status quo. Manifesto was born out of the belief that every brand can be a catalyst for good. Because of this, we can say Manifesto is a brand declaration agency.

Our work spans the spectrum of brand and marketing, from brand strategy to advertising campaigns in traditional and non-traditional media.  We have offices in Portland, Oregon and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


This summer, we’re seeking for a few passionate interns to hone their real-world skills. Whether you are a strategic minded individual or a total creative, show us what you got! You'll hang with seasoned industry experts working on everything from startups to global brands and help build the Manifesto brand along the way. But be warned: what you put into it is what you will get out of it.

Internship Offerings

  • Jr. Art Direction/Design Intern | Help build the Manifesto brand and support client design needs

  • Digital Marketing/Strategy Intern | Develop your skills in digital marketing, lead gen and brand strategy

  • Marketing Intern | Support business development and marketing efforts and learn the meaning of friendship first, business second

  • Video Storytelling Intern | Help tell brand stories, build the Manifesto brand and created branded content that supports our needs and those of our clients


Get ready to roll up your sleeves and get dirty. As an intern you'll deepen our bench and add to our team in a number of capacities. What you can handle, we'll throw at you. We're small, scrappy and nimble which means you will create your own destiny within our walls. This is not a position for the rigid or stagnant.

Competencies & Background

Great communication skills, ability to craft simple, straightforward written or visual documents

  • Strong organization skills and detail-oriented (QA is your middle name)

  • Self-starter with a can-do attitude

  • Ability to multitask and work on a variety of projects

  • Positive attitude (our glass is more than half full)

  • Work to show how you think (writing samples, business plan you wrote, capstone project, etc.)

  • Total resourcefulness and ability to surface your own insights

  • Hunger for what’s next and new—in culture, mediums, channels, campaigns, etc.

  • Performance driven and eager to grow in your career


Junior, Senior or Recent Grad (prefer graduated Seniors)

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism, Business, Advertising, Marketing or communications.

  • Working knowledge of MS Word Suite and Google G Suite

  • Competency in technical programs within your discipline (Adobe suite, Google Analytics, etc.)


Here at Manifesto we believe that if you work, you should get paid. End of story. Some folks will tell you that “experience” is all the payment you need in an internship. That would be true, if all of a sudden your landlord became super cool accepting “experience” to pay rent each month. In the meantime, we are proud to pay our interns competitively in both experience and US dollars.


The intern program will run from June-September based on availability.


If you would like to be considered, attach your resumé and a brief cover letter and send to us at with the following:

  • Subject Line: INTERNSHIP PDX | INTERNSHIP MKE (depending on location preference) and Internship Discipline you are applying for

    • Jr. Art Direction/Design Intern | MKE

    • Digital Marketing/Strategy Intern | MKE/PDX

    • Marketing Intern | PDX

    • Video Storytelling Intern MKE/PDX