Manifesto Storyteller in Residence

Grow your craft within our walls. Learn what we know, and get ready to share what you're learning. We are seeking an ambitious video content creator/shooter/editor to join our team as we dive deeper in emotive and cinematic storytelling. 


Ambitious, business-minded with craftsmanship in mind. You'll help create weekly thought leadership and doership content for the agency as well as shoot content for clients in Milwaukee and beyond. Honing your skill, you'll spend your days dreaming up new ways to tell stories, heading out to shoot content and editing it into beautifully emotive content pieces.  


This is primarily a shooting/editing role. But artistry shouldn't outweigh business savvy. We're looking for someone who wants to hone their craft, but knows our goal is to steward client stories first and foremost.

  • Familiar with shooting/editing and camera workflow.

  • Have DLSR shooting experience; or related equipment experience.

  • Production experience preferred (whether agency or production company background).

  • Understand best practices of file storage, formatting and distribution.

  • Dangerous with Adobe workflow.

  • Your greatest qualifications will come in three forms:

  • One, YOUR REEL. Show us what you've created that you're proud of.

  • Two: YOUR SKILL: Show us what you're capable of doing and the vision you have.

  • Three: YOUR PERSONALITY: Can you be a team player, work well with others, take direction, but think on your feet? Does your desire to tell stories exude from you as a person? 


Commensurate with experience.

How to Apply

Apply at manifestoagency.com or send an email to:

careers@manifestoagency.com with Subject Line: STORYTELLER IN RESIDENCE. 

Please include video links to your work/reel as well as resume. 

Students and young industry storytellers encouraged to apply.