Amazon | Prime Card Launch


Amazon | Prime Card Launch



Architect the story, strategy and creative campaign for launching their new co-branded Amazon Prime Visa Rewards Credit Card into a crowded market of offerings, and to position it as the “go-to” everyday card for consumers.


Whether a new toy or simply toilet paper, when an Amazon package arrives at your door, you can’t help but smile. And for Prime members who enjoy free shipping, this joy is magnified. Simply put: The Amazon Prime Card delivers more smiles to your door.


While people know Amazon as an online retailer, few think of them outside of this context. But this new card promised to deliver significant rewards to Prime members both on Amazon.com and offline as well, making it the only card that truly enhanced the experience of being a Prime member. When you have the Amazon Prime Card, you start seeing smiles in unexpected places. Further, the campaign pushed the boundaries of the Amazon brand itself by extending the smile beyond the box and the logo to in-situation uses. This earned the campaign incredible respect across the entire brand and was used internally as a prime example of where the brand (as a whole) wishes to migrate to.

The main idea bridges this online/offline gap and pushes the brand into new spaces by suggesting to consumers that they’ll find smiles (rewards) in unexpected places. The iconic Amazon smile mark symbolizes the reward while laddering up to the master brand. And finding this reward in unexpected places became the concept that proved (through research) to resonate with consumers. It’s a simple truth about the card that created the forward momentum the brand needed to extend its offline reach and effectively position the offering in a crowded field.

Key elements included:

•    Brand positioning and launch strategy

•    Messaging matrix

•    Concept testing

•    Card treatment design

•    Creative/campaign asset development

•    90-page product launch playbook

•    Premium direct mail experience for Prime members