U of Miami | Exploration Science


U of Miami | Exploration Science



For decades, The University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine Biology & Atmospheric Science has been one higher academia’s leading oceanographic, atmospheric, and conservation research institutions in the world. But, like many higher education institutions, future alumni involvement and donations were a top priority.


Science becomes real when you experience it firsthand.


In partnership with the school and National Geographic Society, we collectively recognized that the school has a number of heralded alumni within the scientific community, top-notch equipment, and resources – not to mention its breathtaking campus in Virginia Key, FL. From there, we created a holistic and experiential brand platform called “Exploration Science” to give everyday citizens (and future alumni and donors) access to these wondrous adventures firsthand. Ever want to go shark tagging, fly through the eye of a hurricane, or go deep sea exploring? Well, now you could. The ultimate goal: to preserve the world’s environment for future generations to come. Key elements included:

  • Visual, surreal and immersive imagery
  • Printed collateral
  • Events and experiential