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amazon flex

delivering more than just packages for Amazon Flex.


When Amazon entered the gig economy with Amazon Flex in 2015, they found themselves in an unusual position. Though the number of people signing up to deliver packages exceeded expectations, fewer drivers stay in the system to deliver multiple routes. Because the program’s success relied on a strong core of repeating delivery partners, it quickly became apparent that the Amazon Flex brand needed to better communicate the benefits and expectations to consumers.

the scope

• Research & Audience Segmentation 
• Positioning & Messaging 
• Brand & Product Launch Campaigns
• Brand Standards Development 
• Social & Digital Content 


It’s not about the work people do that’s most important, but what that work will do for them.


We launched a revamped brand offering, visuals and key messages to better inform and educate Flex delivery partners why they should always choose Flex over other gigs.


There is something in us that motivates our way forward. The grit and determination to live the best life we can regardless of our circumstances. We’re not just motivated to succeed in life, we’re driving to it with each breath, every day. We are driven by the daily life stuff as well as the aspirational things that make those days worth the hustle and grind. It’s this notion that universally pulls us all together. Sharing the same drive makes us the driven.


The best things in life are rarely work, but the things we look forward to when the work is done. We drive through our days thinking about what our next big adventure will be and how we’re going to get there. Money matters, we get that, but it’s not our driver. We’re driven by our need to do things our way.


Brand Icon

The icon is a strong visual representation of what Amazon Flex is at its core: a driving gig. Four arrows point directionally inward toward a central point (suggesting navigation) and combine to form an intersection. Additionally, the negative space within the mark creates an X, which makes for a strong visual and phonetic representation of the brand.

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