amazon prime

rewards designed to make prime customers smile.


In a sea of sameness, Amazon engaged Manifesto to position, brand, and build the launch campaign for the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card.


Whether a new toy or simply toilet paper, when an Amazon package arrives at your door, you can’t help but smile. And for Prime members who enjoy free shipping, this joy is magnified. Put simply: The Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card helps customers get more of what they love, which in turn helps them see smiles in unexpected places.

the scope

• Research & Audience Segmentation 
• Positioning & Messaging 
• Identity & Naming
• Brand & Product Launch 
• Brand Playbook Development

• Social & Digital Content 


The deliverables included strategy, positioning, creative testing, campaign design/development, asset creation and a launch kit—all of which manifested in a marketing playbook with activations across digital, social, outdoor, and direct mail. Hailed at the time as one of the most successful launches of an Amazon product, the campaign helped Amazon reach their customer acquisition goals faster than projected.

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