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an innovative solution to fostering innovation.


Cisco had an innovation problem. Once among the most innovative companies in the world, the organization was struggling to stay fresh and relevant. So they asked Manifesto to help revitalize the brand from the inside out.


At Cisco, there wasn't a lack of innovative ideas, but instead there was no system of organization or way to communicate these ideas to management.

the scope

• Research & Audience Segmentation 
• Identity & Naming 
• Positioning & Messaging
• Employee Engagement Campaigns 
• Social & Digital Content 


We created an internal rallying cry and brand materials aimed at celebrating and rewarding the innovators inside their walls and developed The Hub—a dynamic website to foster collaboration and bring the best ideas quickly to the surface. It was an energetic destination where all things innovation could live as engaging two-way content, and a platform to support Cisco’s teams and their Innovate Everywhere Challenge. From research and user experience to front-end design and brand development, our solution enabled a collaborative two-way functionality that created real-time collaboration and innovation.

INNOVATION Cards Mockup 05.jpg
Never Go It Alone_Mock-up.jpg
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Poster Mock-Up Vol 4-7.jpg
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IEC Poster_03.jpg
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CISCO AI_* Be Urgently Curious.jpg
CISCO AI_* Explore Diverse Perspectives.
CISCO AI_* Don't Go it Alone.jpg
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