ge healthcare

envisioning the future of breast cancer screenings.


Working in conjunction with leading physicians & radiologists, GE Healthcare challenged Manifesto to develop a vision piece showcasing how GE Healthcare technology might manifest in 2030—and centered around one woman, whose day would drastically change based on an at-home breast cancer screening.

the scope

• Brand Anthem Video

• Trade Show & Earned Media Ideation


Could GE’s technology of the future help her catch it early, help reduce anxiety throughout the process and make the process easier and more streamlined with her collection of healthcare specialists?


As the vehicle to deliver a glimpse into this bold new future, Manifesto developed an emotive content piece set in 2030 showcasing a highly personal, emotional experience of a theoretical character named Sophie going through the process of early breast cancer detection, diagnosis, and treatment. It was then translated into a multi-city roadshow of GE leadership aimed at inspiring GE’s biggest healthcare partners, radiologists and customers.

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