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harvest group

harvesting potential with a modern retail broker.


Harvest Group is an omnichannel retail growth agency and broker, helping brands reach the shelves of Kroger, Walmart, and our favorite grocery stores. But, they needed an agency partner to help them navigate into the next season of growth with a deeper articulation of what they stand for—and a consistent and stronger way of telling the brand story across channels.


the scope

• Positioning & Messaging

• Identity Development 
• Brand Manifesto Development
• Brand Story Articulation

• Brand Standards Development

• Pitch Deck Development

The brokers are broken. Harvest Group broke the mold to create a company rooted in purpose; the belief that deep investment of intentionally over time leads to growth. Put simply; Harvest Group grows what’s possible.


By laying the foundation for the next level of the brand, instilling this story within employees and helping to present a visual identity that was more consistent with the market, Manifesto helped Harvest Group step into the fullness of the brand it is becoming.

We are the harvesters of promise and potential. The trustworthy team our clients have come to count on—driven by a culture that cares. We believe the broker model is broken. So we broke the mold and created a company driven by purpose. We believe in serving something greater than ourselves. We believe in shared ownership. Because the greatest value to our clients is joining them for the journey.


We believe in the servant’s heart. As it is and always will be the center of our success. We believe in fostering a culture of fun. That the magnetism of our brand creates better work for our clients and better lives for our people. We believe in bringing the whole self. By standing for something, we stand apart. We believe brands shouldn’t have to choose between technology and service, so we’re pioneering the future of e-commerce and retail.


We are entrepreneurs, innovators, challengers and change-makers. Just as capable of strategizing at the table as serving in the trenches. We believe data and insight are as powerful as instinct. We are stewards of the positive, the possible, the innovative and the unknown. We sell better sleep. Service is our highest pursuit. Growth is our guide.We are the harvesters of promise and potential.

For the Harvest is plenty, but the workers are few.


Atalanta #131E29

Named for the man-made reservoir in Rogers, AK, this dark blue strikes a calm and peaceful tone.

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