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rethinking togetherness for a modern working world.


Paylocity has been a leader in the payroll industry since 1997, offering an extraordinary service experience alongside cutting-edge technology. Known equally for its best-in-class internal company culture, Paylocity saw an opportunity to align its external brand with its culture-forward ethos and position itself as a leader in human-centric payroll and HCM solutions. Paylocity hired Manifesto to re-imagine its brand from the ground up.


the scope

• Brand Standards Development
• Positioning & Messaging
• Research & Audience Segmentation
• Identity & Naming 
• Brand Anthem Video 
• Social & Digital Content

Paylocity is more than a provider, it is a partner. Caring is at the core of what they do.


We delivered a complete overhaul of the company’s identity system, developing a tagline that also serves as Paylocity’s brand promise (to its employees, its customers, and the industry itself): Forward Together.

Forward Together.

To fully understand what Forward Together means, we must first look back. All the way back to the earliest days of Paylocity, when we were just a startup in a basement office. A small team bound together by a single belief: that we could change the industry. 


While some providers touted technology and others centered on service, we would offer both in equal measure.


A great product allows for a great service experience. But the key ingredient — and the thing that’s separated us from the very beginning, the magic of Paylocity — is our people. 


It’s people that make a difference. It’s people that matter most. And it’s people who exist at the heart of Forward Together. Because it’s people who form relationships with our clients. Because they care more. 


Forward Together conveys partnership. It conveys innovation. And it articulates what’s so special about Paylocity: The idea that we work together as a group of employees across different parts of the organization, with our clients, with our partners — brokers and financial advisors. We work with each other, striving to get our clients to a better place. 


We’re more than just a provider. We’re a partner to our clients. And that’s what Forward Together represents: Forward is our state of mind (always innovating, always ensuring progress); Together is our plan of action (how we get from here to there).  


It’s not just our tagline. It’s our brand promise.

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