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monday memo 111: selena gomez, mayo and eras

Welcome to the Monday Memo — your pop culture snapshot from Manifesto.

Hey, friends. Mondays can be tough. Here are 7 things to make November 14, 2022 a bit better.


1. Artist of the Week: Bernardo Henning Argentinian artist, Bernardo Henning, manipulates the traditional photograph to create psychedelic collages that bring a splash of color to the page and screen. He describes his work as fun, meticulous and representative of the chaos of his home country (in the best way!) He is also the co-founder of the design studio Hola Bosque, which has collaborated with some of the hottest names in business, including Coca-Cola, Lego, MTV and Spotify.


2. What we're listening to: Death of an Artist - Apple Podcasts Was the famous sculptor Carl Andre involved in the death of his up-and-coming artist wife Ana Mendieta? For over 35 years, accusations of murder shrouded one of the art world’s most storied couples. Host Helen Molesworth revisits Mendieta’s death and the trial that followed, and interrogates both the silence and the protest that have accompanied this story ever since.


3. What we're watching: Selena Gomez: My Mind and Me - Apple TV After years in the limelight, Selena Gomez achieves unimaginable stardom. But just as she reaches a new peak, an unexpected turn pulls her into darkness. This uniquely raw and intimate documentary spans her six-year journey into a new light.


4. Trend & Advertising Highlight: Juicy Couture x Mayo Recently, Juicy Couture dropped a unique version of its famous tracksuit as an ode to mayonnaise. The set, dubbed "Mayo Couture," is available for sale for $162. The description reads, "The two biggest lovers of velvety smooth, Kraft Real Mayo and Juicy Couture, have come together for the most velvety smooth collaboration yet." While we love when two brands come together for an unexpected collaboration, this one feels like a little bit of a stretch. It is no secret that Y2K fashion is making a re-emergence, and on paper Juicy Couture makes sense as a partner. But beyond the "velvety soft" tagline, there is no real connection fleshed out between the two brands. We would have much rather seen a larger condiment collection where you could mix and match features like your favorite sandwich toppings, or even a velvet mayo container with Juicy Couture branding. In summary, this idea feels so close to a success, but feels a little stale (that was the one food pun we were allowed for this writeup).


5. Cognitive Bias of the Week: Why Daylight Savings Messes with Your Brain If you are reading this email, it means you survived the first week of Daylight Savings. But, you may be wondering, why does daylight savings time make me so sad and throw off my body? Lack of sunlight suppresses the production of two important hormones: sleep-inducing melatonin and the "happy chemical" serotonin, which plays a key role in mood balance. In other words, we're more likely to be grumpy and tired – but unable to fall asleep – in the days following daylight saving time. Multiple studies have shown a small increase in heart attacks after the start of daylight saving time in the spring and a small decrease at its end in the fall. Meanwhile, stroke rates are 8% higher in the first two days following both time changes. Humans are creatures of habit, so when our routines and schedules are shifted, it is completely natural that we struggle to adjust. Hang in there, we are all in this (darkness at 5pm) together.


Library card holders can check out a Madison BCycle pass and a bike helmet at any Madison Public Library in Wisconsin. (Photo by Macy O'Malley / Madison Public Library).

6. Good News of the Week:

  • This debit card helps replant trees and keeps your money out of fossil fuel funding (Tree Card)

  • Libraries around the country are adding bikes to their inventory to improve access to bicycles (Next City)

  • Veterans group launches coalition to recruit 100,000 vets to help combat poll worker shortage (Stars and Stripes)

  • Nation’s Largest No-Kill Rescue Shelter Opens in Alabama to Save 5,000 Dogs a Year (GNN)


7. Bonus: Taylor Swift - The Eras Tour Heads up. Don't schedule any meetings this Tuesday at 10am, 2pm or 4pm. Why? Because if you do, your coworkers may be "attending" but they are surely fighting for their lives trying to get Taylor Swift tickets in another browser window. Support the local Swiftie in your office by sending them good vibes (or even your Capital One credit card) to help them out.


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