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monday memo 122: miniatures, crooners & beers

Welcome to the Monday Memo — your pop culture snapshot from Manifesto.

Hey friends, Mondays can be tough. Here are 7 things to make March 20th, 2023, a bit better.


1. Artist of the Week: Andreas Rousounelis

Andreas Rousounelis is a Greek artist specializing in miniatures. He studied graphic design in college and began making miniatures as a hobby almost 10 years ago. Now, he produces them full-time on his Etsy shop. “I make different miniatures every season," said Rousounelis. "I prefer Greek themes for the summer and abandoned scenes for the other seasons." He takes his ideas from photos and makes scale models of buildings, streets, cars, and more.


2. What we're listening to: Eat Your Young by Hozier

What better way to (belatedly) celebrate St.Patrick's day than to feature new music from our favorite Irish crooner, Hozier? His new EP features three new songs that are intimate, ethereal, and raw. We missed you, Hozier.


3. What we're watching: Ted Lasso (Season 3) - Apple TV+

If you haven't watched Ted Lasso yet, what are you doing? We know, at first glance it seems unlikely that a show about English football (soccer, for us Americans) could somehow capture the beauty of the human spirit, but here we are. The final season premiered last Wednesday, so you still have plenty of time to catch up with Ted and the lovely people of AFC Richmond on Apple TV+.


4. Trend & Advertising Highlight: Buffalo Wild Nuggets A man in Chicago recently made headlines when he sued Buffalo Wild Wings by asking the question that has plagued scholars for decades: are boneless wings really wings? Or are they chicken nuggets? The man claims that the name is misleading because he "reasonably believed the Products were actually wings that were deboned." Most "boneless" wings that are sold nationally are chicken breast meat, and we have heard no complaints before. Taking advantage of the extra brand attention, Buffalo Wild Wings cleverly let the public know its response on Twitter in which they "admitted" the truth about the wings. "It's true. Our boneless wings are all white meat chicken. Our hamburgers contain no ham. Our buffalo wings are 0% buffalo," the chain wrote last week. They took a situation that could have potentially been bad press, and instead displayed their brand personality while bolstering the quality of their product offering. Whether they are chicken nuggets or buffalo wings, we are happy to share a plate with you any day, Buffalo Wild Wings.


5. Cognitive Bias of the Week: Status Quo Bias The status quo bias describes our preference for the current state of affairs; resulting in resistance to change. It's a tale as old as time. Humans are creatures of habit. Maybe you order the same dish at a restaurant or have worked in a certain way your entire life. To make a long story short, humans do not like change. A great example of this can be found in the workplace. When the pandemic hit and everyone adjusted to work from home, many of us struggled to balance our personal and professional lives. On top of that, there were changes on a massive scale in every other aspect of our lives. Now that we are three years out, it's hard for any of us to imagine a life where we are in the office five days a week and would struggle to completely go back. Once you’re able to recognize that you’re engaging in status quo bias, you’re able to work towards avoiding in. Part of this is simply taking the time to weigh all of your options carefully, giving them each equal consideration. Doing so will prevent you from automatically opting for the default option.


Alaina Wood — or as she’s better known on Instagram and TikTok, the Garbage Queen — is a climate communicator and sustainability scientist out to make the world a better and greener place. 6. Good News of the Week:

  • Fighting Climate Doom with Garbage Queen, Alaina Wood (GGG)

  • Where there's gender equality, people tend to live longer (NPR)

  • Breakthrough drug works against all the main types of primary bone cancer (Medical Life Science)

  • A brewery across from Seattle Children's hospital has a program where people can "Buy A Pint for A Children's parent" in the hope to give stressed parents a sense of normalcy (Burke-Gilman Brewing)


7. Bonus: I Can't Let Go by Suki Waterhouse Have you been watching Daisy Jones & The Six on Amazon Prime and thought, dang that pianist looks familiar? Well, that's because it's Suki Waterhouse! Beyond her work as an actress, Suki has been a musician in her own right long before she joined the show as Karen. Last year she released our favorite album of hers yet, I Can't Let Go, to much critical acclaim. She's making Karens cool again.


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