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monday memo 141: charms, bones & beanie babies

Welcome to the Monday Memo — your pop culture snapshot from Manifesto.

Hey friends, Mondays can be tough. Here are 7 things to make August 14th, 2023, a bit better. Sending all of our love to Maui...


1. Artist of the Week: Kelsey Armstrong

Kesley Armstrong is a Brooklyn-based collage artist and jewelry maker. Through her company, Haricot Vert, she sells unique, electric, and handmade pieces that feature customizable charms. Just like you, every piece is unique and well...charming. * winks *


Join Justin and Dr. Sydnee McElroy on a marital tour of misguided medicine as they discuss the weird, gross, and sometimes downright dangerous ways we tried to solve our medical woes through the ages. This podcast covers everything from lice to the radium girls, and Alka-Seltzer to arsenic wallpaper!


3. What we're watching: The Beanie Bubble - Apple TV+

Why did the world suddenly treat stuffed animals like gold? Ty Warner was a frustrated toy salesman until his collaboration with three women grew his masterstroke of an idea into the biggest toy craze in history. “The Beanie Bubble” is an inventive story about what and who we value, and the unsung heroes whose names didn't appear on the heart-shaped tag. Maybe it's time to donate that pile of Beanie Babies in your basement that you thought would be "worth millions."


They say, "A picture is worth a thousand words,' and nowhere is this statement more true than in the world of online dating. That's why Tinder has released their latest spot, featuring the profiles of famous works of art. First impressions are everything and a Tinder member’s profile paints a picture of their likes and dislikes from the offset. According to research by the platform, 30% of Gen Z singles get the ‘ick’ if a potential suitor uses bad grammar and spelling in their bio, while a further third (35%) are put off if a fellow single person’s bio contains too long a checklist for ‘their type on paper.’ It turns out that creating the perfect dating profile is akin to creating a masterpiece. Hey, at least it's comforting to know even the Mona Lisa feels lonely in the City of Love.


5. Cognitive Bias of the Week: Reactive Devaluation

Reactive devaluation refers to our tendency to disparage proposals made by another party, especially if this party is viewed as negative or antagonistic. In high-stakes situations, for instance, a peace proposal offered by an opposing country during a conflict might be rejected solely because of the source, rather than considering its potential benefits. In everyday life, this could show up as shooting down a good idea from a coworker just because you don't particularly like them. Like Michael and Toby in The Office, this can result in missed opportunities for collaboration and problem-solving, perpetuating workplace conflicts and undermining team cohesion. In short, our emotions cloud our judgment to a point where we miss out on an opportunity for real progress. So while it can be hard, it's important to put aside our personal feelings for someone in favor of the greater good.


New Jersey couple and diner devotees Jon and Karri Ricklin have been married for 39 years and started a journey in 2015 — to visit every diner in the Garden State.

6. Good News of the Week:

  • An entrepreneur in Mexico makes bricks out of invasive seaweed to build homes that can withstand hurricanes (Insider)

  • California’s free prison calls are repairing estranged relationships and aiding rehabilitation (Yahoo! News)

  • A record-breaking number of sea turtle nests found on Jupiter-area beaches, researchers say (The Palm Beach Post)

  • Couple makes it their mission to visit every diner in NJ — and they’re only halfway there (TODAY)


7. Bonus: bad idea right by Olivia Rodrigo The second single off of Rodrigo's highly anticipated sophomore album, Guts, was released last Friday. In "bad idea right," Rodrigo speaks about the time in your life when you know it's a bad idea to go back to an ex but try to rationalize it anyway. Ahhhhh, to be young and dumb...


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