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creating a sustainable world one cup at a time.


We believe Starbucks’ Sustainability efforts need not just a campaign, but a creative platform. A banner under which to operate, where activations will spike based on an annual calendar of activities and initiatives. A punctuation to everything we say.

the scope

• Research & Interviews

• Brand Manifesto Development


Starbucks has the opportunity to create a more sustainable company and world, one cup at a time.


Together we drafted a brand manifesto and platform to articulate their dedication to sustainability and emphasize how small decisions can result in massive impact at Starbucks.

We got our start bringing good coffee to the people of Seattle. Today, that’s not good enough. Nor is leading an industry. Today, we lead the way. We make the world’s problems our problems. Because its goods are our goods. Not just because we can or because we care. But because we’re compelled. To rouse innovation. To continually raise the bar. We turn ideas into action. Inspiration into influence. Intention into obligation. Where others see risk, we see opportunity.


At Starbucks, we use our scale for sustainability. Setting the standard. Then exceeding it. We believe good food shouldn’t go to waste. Every store should be a green space all its own. That our most important partner is and always will be, our planet. That the fight against climate change doesn’t need champions, it needs challengers. That our cups weren’t meant for a landfill. Where some see refuse, we see an obligation to reuse.


Green isn’t just our color, it’s our way of life.

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