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united adworkers

celebrating what unites milwaukee's adworkers.


Each year, United Adworkers hosts the Milwaukee 99, an award show that celebrates the best in advertising in the area. The top 99 pieces are selected and displayed at the event, and especially noteworthy pieces are awarded bronze, silver and gold medal nuts. Finally, one agency is awarded the coveted Best in Show wrench, the top award of the night. There is a tradition that the agency who wins this award is tasked with designing next year’s book. After Manifesto’s big win in 2018 for Meat Sweats, we were tasked with the design and run of the show for 2019.

the scope

• Identity Development

• Brand Manifesto Development

• Award Show Book Design

• Event & Spatial Design

• Signage Design

• Video Production & Editing


While Milwaukee has a rich and talented advertising community, there is not a singular set of articulated beliefs that unite us.


After a few years of transition and change, there was a lot of uncertainty surrounding United Adworkers. Manifesto’s win seemed like the perfect opportunity to articulate the importance of the Adworkers to the community and unite competing agencies through a brand manifesto.

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