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  • Tim Dyer

brand building in a recession.

It’s been awhile since we said hello. But there’s no reason to be strangers. Truth be told, we’ve been a little busy building brands for some of the world’s most ambitious clients—big and small. And while that little pandemic put some space between us all, kept us from hopping on planes and enjoying your finely adorned conference rooms, we’d like to think we’re still friends.

It’s no secret that the economy threatens to undo all the positive growth we and our partners have experienced in the last ten years. But at the same time, that obstacle is also paired with opportunity.

During every setback at Manifesto within the last ten years, we’ve taken time to do one thing: reinvent ourselves. We imbue once-dead phrases with meaning, launch a new website, double down on our employee value proposition (EVP), redevelop our case studies, or invest ourselves in a new sector where we believe business is headed.

In short—we continuously invest in our brand.

We also take our clients with us on that journey. An economic downturn has long-term benefits to faithful brand builders that are often unseen. After all, some of the companies that grew the most during the pandemic did so with speedy adaptation and a deep understanding of self; that included many of our many of our digital-first clients in the Service, Fintech, SaaS and B2B spaces.

But what about that pesky competition? With the tidal wave of tumultuous times, a recession has the potential to wipe away companies that have been holding on through mediocrity. Doubling down on your brand now allows you to be in a position to win when the economy bounces back. And not just win, but truly set yourself apart.

We call it a brand’s Onlyness; the one unique thing you can lay claim to that no one else can.

An Onlyness is a practical tool that invites brands to take an honest, hard look at themselves, what they do and who they are. It becomes a shorthand phrase inside an organization that informs sales scripts, website copy, the next ad campaign, employer brand materials—you name it. It’s quite literally the tip of the spear for every activity that drives your brand forward. And it’s how you’re going to walk out of this economic climate better than ever. Tim Dyer is Chief Storyteller and Managing Partner of Manifesto. With offices in Milwaukee, Portland and Nashville, Manifesto exists to rally humans around the heart and soul of the world’s most ambitious brands.


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