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  • Dave Dyer

table for twenty: manifesto x nashville

We believe that the table is a sacred place.

Life lessons aren’t learned, they’re earned. It’s the hardships and trials that we face that shape our perspective and many of these moments deeply shape our perspective. Sometimes it takes a moment to reflect on the abundance of life to express gratitude for the earned experiences and trust in provision that we’ve all had along the way. This week we gathered creators, entrepreneurs, investors, philanthropists, artists and musicians for a Jeffersonian-style Table for Twenty dinner in partnership with Generous.Life Nashville. The aim was simple - to enjoy an incredible 4-course dinner experience served with a side of storytelling. Our guests ranged from founders of companies to performers who have stood on the biggest stages on Broadway, to musicians who have played to packed out stadiums and amphitheaters around the world.

The one truth that was present in every story shared around the table was that the measure of abundance was found in immaterial things - friendship, provision, relationships, experiences, family and shared memories. One guest shared their company’s mantra: “We don’t want our employees to die with dreams, we want them to die with experiences” as he showed the table a bespoke fragrance designed in honor of his wife.

One guest shared his own personal story going from sleeping on floors and couch surfing as an up-and-coming artist to playing at the Grammys – All driven by the ambition and abundance of his wife’s constant encouragement who spurred on his hopes and dreams as she saw the glimpse of the musician he would become. At Manifesto we often say “Men go to their graves with their song still in them so we will make our finite lives and work count, each informing the other and both be better for it.” So, we endeavor to remind ourselves that a life of transformation looks like leaving behind a scarcity mentality, embracing dreams and ambitions and making your finite life and work count. And it all starts with purpose.

Manifesto is a brand courage agency that helps brands declare what they stand for and why the world should care.

Generous.Life is a community of faith-inspired philanthropists committed to radical generosity, spurring on one another to experience their generosity with more joy.


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