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airbnb’s slideshow spots are just what the doctor ordered.

For many of us, it’s been months since we’ve been with friends in close proximity—let alone a house together.

Airbnb just launched a new campaign entirely focused on “Made Possible By Hosts” designed to showcase the magical experiences made possible by Airbnb hosts all around the world.

Driven by reimagined versions of timeless songs and set to the backdrop of a successive slideshow from real guests’ trips, these spots hone the art of simplicity with masterful execution.

Every brand seeks authentic micro-storytelling. And the gold mine Airbnb is sitting on is the treasure trove of UGC from millions of trips around the world. Each its own self-contained micro story. Each set of photos a story waiting to be told on the grand stage of one’s social channels.

My new favorite is called “Forever Young” and it’s easy to tell these photos weren’t taken yesterday. It hits on all the cultural buttons: a diverse group of friends; less focus on the place and more focus on the spirit of freedom they experienced there. And you can’t help but tear up to think about the many experiences you’ve had made possible by hosts on Airbnb.

As for formula, they’re deeply human stories, utterly reduced to a photo montage set to a soundtrack that’s perfectly irresistible. Spots that literally pull you through them as you say — ‘That was us! That’s what it felt like.”

And that’s exactly what Airbnb was going for.

It’s my belief that a new and emerging trend will not only be an expansion on the experience economy (experiences over accrual of stuff) but that the most valuable brands in our lives will help us revisit and savor memories. Yes, memories.

Anticipation around travel drives us, but savoring what we’ve already experienced and imagining what future experience awaits is what drives us — forward.

Airbnb’s nostalgic reflection campaign “Made possible by hosts” is just what the doctor ordered in a post-Covid era. Reminding us of the joy of being together again; how good it was, and how good it will be.

If the marketers at Airbnb aren’t working on a plan to generate massive user generated content out of this campaign, they should :)


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