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how to reinvent your brand during covid and grab headlines doing it.

Throw out the rule book. Brands are being reinvented as we speak. New categories are rising and some are making monumental shifts. Our belief is and always has been that brands are built from the inside out. And many brands are just now taking a fearless look at their own beliefs, whether equality, care for their employees in the midst of a pandemic, or purpose—their reason for being. There’s a jump ball for attention and few brands are doing it well. QSR and food and beverage are leading the way with outstanding examples of cultural moments where earned media has taken the spotlight. From Dos Equis’ 6 foot cooler to Country Time Lemonade’s Littlest Bailout Stunt, promising $100 stimulus checks to kids whose summer income has been lost along with the shuttering of their lemonade stands.

And then there’s Burger King’s onslaught of stunts from the social distancing crown to the Couch Potatriot spot that called on fast food lovers to stay home on the couch in the spirit of patriotism, it’s not all dark and stormy right now. Or consider our longest-running program: Arby’s #MeatSweats that has been evergreen for the past 3 years since its inception. Yes, even in the heat of Summer! What it all means is that with a little brand courage, you too can snag the spotlight. And once you start to train the world (and the media) that you’re a brand doing courageous acts, you’ll earn the media you’ve been longing for. 


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