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manifesto listed #7 on the manifest top 100 list.

Manifesto was just short listed on The Manifest Top 100 Creative Agencies List, a property affiliated with, which is quickly becoming the industry standard for how agencies are ranked and rated.

“We’re thrilled to be highlighted on the top 100 Creative Agency List by The Manifest. Our international client roster combined with dual offices in Milwaukee and Portland, gives us an incredible pulse on insight, strategy and creativity across the nation and around the world,” said Chief Storyteller, Tim Dyer. “Since the day we were founded, we’ve sought to work with the most courageous humans and the most ambitious brands.”

Manifesto positions itself as a Brand Declaration agency with the intent to create a category of one. “Over time we’ve developed our own lexicon that crystalizes our unique methodology and approach to building brands from the inside-out. Being a courage-led brand agency means we’re not just about the work, but creating an amazing brand that lives out our values and culture in everything we do,” said Dyer.

Manifesto was founded in 2011 and spans the creative communities of Milwaukee, WI and Portland, OR—with creative collaborators in New York, LA and Atlanta.

The Manifest is a business trends and news website that compiles insights for marketers to help them make savvier decisions, whether keeping a team in tact during crisis or choosing the best agency partner to fit your needs.


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